In short: we are NOT a brewery. We are the world’s first pirate beer community. We brew awesome craftbeer together with ARRR! crew members. You can join The Crew for free and meet us at events and tastings. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and maybe we’ll see you in the near future! Ahoy’ matey!

We’re glad you are here. This means you want to discover great craftbeer. We ARRR a Crew of beer lovers, beer tasting fetishists, beer geeks and beer curious people. We continuously involve our Crew in the process of brewing beer and taste ’em to improve. Our Crew is our family – together we can make the awesome craftbeer community a little more awesome. Feel free to join us!


We started this adventure back in 2017 when we released our Bruhaha Wicked Weizen. In November ’17 we launched a crowdfunding for setting up the community and be able to buy the equipment we needed to brew beer. In just 4 weeks we gathered more than 100 pirates for ARRR! Crew and we started brewing. At the end of 2018 we decided to bring ARRR! beers to the Dutch market and ARRR! Brewing Co. was in business. Now it’s time to grow ARRR! Crew and brew more awesome beer!


ARRR! Crew comes number one. Although our beer is important, we are not a brewery. ARRR! Brewing Co. believes in the power of community and focuses on creating great beers for ARRR! Crew. We don’t sell our beers to strangers, you have to join the Crew before you can enjoy ARRR! craftbeer.


We incorporate our Crew in every part of our process: from brewing beer during the famous ‘Brew with The Crew’ sessions all the way to becoming a co-owner of ARRR! Brewing Co. Every pirate of our Crew earns Doubloons and by collecting these Doubloons they climb ARRR! Ranks to earn lifetime discounts, merchandise and certificates to become a co-owner. Treasure awaits ye!


If you want to join ARRR! Crew just sails to The Tavern: https://shop.arrr.beer and sign up as a Freeloader. Please check out our memberships to brew with us as Beer Pirate or to be a famous Lurker and drink and review all our new beers first hand.


BUSINESS – Are you here for a nice business proposal? Or you want to invite us on yerr amazing beer festival? Collaboration ideas? Please let the Captn know on info@arrr.beer