Every Pirate wants only ONE thing. No, it’s not beer. Nor sex. We want DOUBLOONS! Ye know: golden coins. Cash money. The Treasure. At ARRR! Brewing Co. earning doubloons helps ye climb the ranks of ARRR! ship: all the way up to becoming a co-owner/captain! Yes, ye read that right: ye can become one of the bosses of awesome pirate community. Comes with a lot of perks, I tell ye.



At ARRR! Brewing Co. ye earn Doubloons with every purchase and every new crewmember ye bring aboard. More doubloons, more rewards: get yer own ARRR! Brewing Co. glass, a shirt with yer rank and lifetime discounts at The Tavern. And don’t forget the main treasure: Certificates of Co-Ownership of ARRR! Brewing Co.!


Earning Doubloons is easier than ye think, pirate. Find ‘em here:

  • 10 doubloons fer a Like on ARRR! Facebook and Instagram pages
  • 100 doubloons fer yerr Birthday! Don’t have to do much but stay alive fer this one…
  • 1 doubloon fer every € spent in ARRR! webshop, The Tavern
  • 100 doubloons per head: recruit yerr friends, family, colleagues, parrot…*

*) Note from the Capt’n: recruiting fer new ARRR! Crewmembers earns ye the most doubloons – which means ye’ll climb the ranks faster. If you have yer eyepatch on them certificates, you know what to do! Send anyone ye think will be a good fit fer ARRR! Crew yer personal referral code (find it HERE) to make it rain doubloons!


Landlubber - 100 Doubloons

Welcome matey! Ye get a digital high five from the Capt'n.

Swabbies - 200 doubloons

Alright! One sticker + opener coming yer way!

Handies - 500 doubloons

Need a glass to drink them beers? We got ye covered, Handie.

Bucco's - 1.500 doubloons

5% discount for life on all orders in the webshop + FREE Bucco T-shirt

Carouser - 5.000 doubloons

10% discount for life on all orders in the webshop + 1 CERTIFICATE

FIRST MATE - 10.000 doubloons

15% discount for life on all orders in the webshop + 2 CERTIFICATES

CAPTAIN - 25.000 doubloons

25% discount for life on all orders in the webshop + 5 CERTIFICATES

ALL ABOARD! ARRR! Brewing Co. Crew has 7 Ranks aboard this crazy adventure. Where do you stand?

Every pirate crew has ranks: ARRR!’s has 7: we need all them ranks filled with skilled pirates to keep this ship afloat. Every rank has its perks and we reward hard work (errr, mostly drinking) with easy rank-climbs. This way, ye don’t have to be a Landlubber fer ever! Ye can even become a Captain… That’s right: ye can earn the right to own yer own part of this crazy community of Beer Pirates.

Wanna climb the ranks? GET TO WORK! Break a sweat. We’re kidding: have a beer & bring a friend. It’s that easy.

Share in our plunders:
become a co-owner of our company!

Ye see it, right? When ye reach the rank of ‘Carouser’ ye will get a Certificate. These Certificates officially make ye a co-owner of ARRR! Brewing Co. Share in ARRR! plunders!

* Attention: we only have a small amount of Certificates and we don’t hand ‘em out to any pirate floating by: earn yerrs by growing ARRR! Crew.