You know beer. Beer knows you. As a Lurker you want to have early access to new awesome craftbeer. We highly value The Lurkers: beer connaisseurs of the first hour and they have the experience to rate a beer properly. DRINK & REVIEW MATEY!


Below, we’ve listed some more info about this membership. What are the perks, what do ye get, what do we do with ARRR! Crew’s input? Dive in and come aboard if ye are ready to be welcomed by ARRR! Crew! Don’t hesitate to send us a message (extra kudo’s if ye send it in a bottle!) if ye have any questions.


This one is fer the beer curious pirates out there. You’ve dipped in your toe and decided you like ARRR! beer – good on ya – but you don’t need all those crazy pirate parties and brewdays. Ye are here fer the beer and that’s ok! Lurkers need a fridge full of great beer. We make this as easy as possible: we deliver a chest full of ARRR! beers to yer doorstep every 2 months! This chest is packed with 6 ARRR! Regulars and at least 2 prototype beers fer ye to review.


This means ye will receive:
– 48 beers per year;
– early access to new beers and extra doubloons for every online review;
– enjoying the Regulars without need to go outside or ordering when ye’ve run out;




Besides getting a regular shipment of yer favorite beers, we reward ARRR! Crew with more great stuff. ARRR! focus is on building a great community of Beer Pirates – we’re a family of weirdo’s who love them beers.


Here’s a peek of more of what ye get when you become part of ARRR! family:

– Free access to tasting sessions at secret locations (at least twice a year)
– Lifelong discounts on orders in The Tavern
– Great conversation material for a party: bring a chest of ARRR! beer as a gift and tell everyone who’s interested about ARRR! Brewing Co.



  • Full Beerchest EVERY 2 MONTS (free shipping)
  • Earn doubloons by reviewing and taste all prototypes
  • Early access to new, innovative Crew beers
  • New beers fer ye to check in at Untappd or RateBeer for growing yer collection


every month (beer chest delivery every 2 months)

To register as a Lurker, you need to order yer first Lurker Chest in The Tavern. Cheers matey, enjoy your beers!

Note: This membership is recurring (auto-incasso) and can be cancelled at any time. A yearly subscription will cost ye €150 for all this.

Ranks and Doubloons

All memberships grant access to ARRR! Crew-program. Yer rank determines the perks and benefits ye get and the amount of wind in yer sails getting ye closer and closer to becoming a co-owner of ARRR! Brewing Co. Start sailing today!

Recruit & become a co-owner

Climb ARRR! Ranks towards co-ownership faster than a cannon can say BOOM: recruit new crewmembers and get 100 doubloons per head as a reward. Yer personal referral code gives the new members a 10% discount on their first order at ARRR! Tavern.